Zentrum am See
Zentrum am See
Ein Ort um die Einheit «KörperGeistSeele» zu unterstützen
Zentrum am See

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Heart-Self-Intelligence® Meditation in English

The HeartSelf-Intelligence® methodology has been developed through decade-long research and experience by Dr. Margret Rueffler. HeartSelf-Intelligence® is part of transpersonal psychology and is a process-, growth and solution-oriented and potential-related. 

The methodology aligns mind and heart in harmony, allows to recognise personal potential and transforms it resourcefully. The connection with the heart’s voice is mindfully established and built through continuous, systematic development. 

To „look and choose from the heart“ becomes a key factor in personal life. This new inner attitude allows experiencing an intensified quality of personal life. From this perspective, issues become opportunities for growth. 

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